The Story behind “Print Trumps”

Neurodidactic Approach

According to actual results in the field of neurodidactics, the brain will learn best, if it is excited. The excitement shall be positive and of high intensity. Addressing different communication channels, as seeing and hearing can help to increase the excitement. Repetition and recognition of patterns enhance long time memorization.

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As a consequence for achieving good learning results of the bachelor students, the research results should be summarized innovatively and illustrated. To reach this goal, the class decided to set up

  • a deck of 32 cards,
  • an online trump game and
  • a web page.

Playing a trump game with fellow students is a lot of fun and therefore the perfect excitement to open the memory for saving details about printing presses and their features. Firstly the students see and read the features of the different printing technologies summarized in the categories:

  • max. printing width
  • max. colors
  • space requirement
  • variety of materials
  • printing speed
  • joker (specialty of a printing technology)
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Secondly they announce or hear them and the different communication channels are used. By playing the trump game over a longer period of time the students repeat constantly the details of the printing presses and start to recognize patterns, for example one technology is best in printing speed but last in space requirement. Hence the displayed information on the trumps cards turns into long term knowledge of the playing students.

Sometimes a (bachelor) student has no fellow student or a friend for playing the game. Therefore the master students set up a web page containing an online version of the game. The web page provides additional information about the game, project and printing presses.